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We offer a comprehensive range of building reports in Tamworth & surroundING Districts

Edwards & Froud Building Services offers a range of building inspection and consultancy services for properties and clients in Tamworth, Armidale, Quirindi, Gunnedah and the surrounding area.

Each inspection report we provide includes colour photographs and detailed notes on potential defects and areas that need further consideration. We include these as standard so that any damage being mentioned in the report can clearly be seen when referred to.

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Pre-Purchase/Pre-Sale Pest & Building Inspection Reports

The team at Edwards & Froud Building Services provides you with a thorough property report, every time. We undertake both building and pest inspections for properties in the local area. Each report takes into account the condition of the property, identifying any defects, safety hazards and timber pest activity.

Obtaining a report will let you know in advance if there are any problems with pests or structural issues in the property. Once you know this, you can then use the information to potentially negotiate for a lower price on the property as you may have to pay for some of the repairs yourself.

This also means that you can get advice from a specialist about major defects, and how they could affect the property over a period of time.

We also have access to accredited engineers, plumbers, electricians and certifiers for additional assessments.

Trust our office to look after every aspect in creating your report, including gaining access to the property and sending the report to solicitors, conveyancers and other necessary parties. We have a weekend after-hours booking number for pre-purchase pest and building inspections. Call 0439520599 on Saturday or Sunday between 10am and 5pm, and we'll make a booking for you for the coming week.

Cracked tile and water damage — Building services in Tamsworth NSW
Trusses not properly supported — Building services in Tamsworth NSW
Site drainage — Building services in Tamsworth NSW
Valley blocked with leaves and debris — Building services in Tamsworth NSW
exterior defect — Building services in Tamsworth NSW
Movement in retaining wall — Building services in Tamsworth NSW
Deterioration of brick pier — Building services in Tamsworth NSW
Water Damage timber post and mud — Building services in Tamsworth NSW

Consultant Reports

Our qualified building consultants provide a range of reports for our clients throughout Tamworth & surrounds. We aim to ensure they have all the details when it comes to purchasing property, maintenance, and matters for tribunal and legal reports.

Edwards & Froud provides building consultancy services which include the following:

We provide:

Home Warranty Insurance Reports

You will require a home warranty insurance report to give to your insurer if you are an owner-builder (ie. a home owner who did owner-builder work under an owner-builder permit) before entering into a contract for sale of the property on which residential building work was done within the previous 6 years. Our consultant is fully insured to supply you with a report.

Insurance Assessment Reports

Our insurance assessment reports cover a wide range of inspections including:

  • Flood damage
  • Accidental damage reports
  • Vehicle impact damage
  • Storm damage
  • Fire damage

Our reports are comprehensive documents and include photographs and diagrams if required and are easily understood by the insurance companies. We can also provide a cost estimate and a scope of works on request. Fully itemised quotations are also available.

Building Maintenance Reports

Building maintenance reports are conducted by us on request to find maintenance items that have already caused extensive damage, or could possibly do so in the near future. This will help you maintain your property, to ensure its tenants’ safety and the building’s value.

Pre-Sale Building Inspection Reports

These reports allow you to:
  • Be aware of what shape your property is in, enabling you to handle or repair any problems
  • Your potential buyers will not need to order an inspection of their own
  • Eliminate last minute repair hassles that could delay the sale
Improve the price you get for your home

Defect/Dilapidation Reports

Our defect/dilapidation building reports will itemise each defect found and also include a photo of each defect. The consultant will report on all internal and external areas of the structure including out buildings and paths etc. A building defect/dilapidation report is usually required in defence when you are claiming for any damage you believe a builder/or parties may have caused your property.

Project Management

Edwards & Froud will manage your building project from concept to completion or anywhere in between.

Dispute Resolution Reports

Our qualified building inspectors can also generate reports to assist with building and NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) disputes. A professional report from a building expert is required on your hearing date at the Tribunal to prove your claim. Our consultant can provide you with the support and documented evidence needed for your dispute, in order to help you reach a favorable resolution.

A building expert from Edwards & Froud can also be present on the day of your hearing, as further information from the building expert may be required to help prove your claim.

Assistance With Any Building Matter


At Edwards & Froud, our firm has complete professional and indemnity insurance cover, and guaruntees professional quality and service with all of its reports.

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