Building & underpinning services for homes & commercial properties in Tamworth

The Edwards & Froud Building Services team offers a variety of building, renovating and underpinning services to our clients in Tamworth and the surrounding district.

We’re able to assist with expanding living areas, renovating older, worn down buildings or underpinning the foundation of a home to ensure structural integrity in the future. When considering underpinning, any related structural work, or that complete home renovation, our team can provide a comprehensive written quote and then action the suggested work, saving you time, money, and the stress of hiring multiple contractors.

If you decide to use Edwards & Froud Building Services, where the value of work (labour and materials) is over $1,000, we will provide you with a written contract. If the job is projected to cost more than $20,000, we make sure you receive a certificate of home warranty insurance before taking any deposit and before starting work.

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Building & Renovating

Our team will manage your building or renovation project from beginning to end. We work on all areas of the home, including bathrooms, living areas, kitchens or bedrooms. As qualified builders, we can perform tasks such as installing additional windows, bi-fold doors, knocking down non-essential walls or adding that new kitchen or extra room.

We manage and coordinate the entire project, including purchase and delivery of materials and organising additional trades, like plumbers, painters and electricians. As part of this service, we make a point to keep in contact with each of our clients, ensuring they're always up-to-date with the progress of their job.


At Edwards & Froud, we specialise in and are fully insured to complete underpinning and structural rectification of buildings, both commercial and domestic.

If you notice major cracks in the internal and external linings of your home, this can mean your property has been experiencing movement in the foundations.

Consulting with a structural engineer, our team will determine the depth and number of piers, or other rectification required, to return the building to its original state.

In some cases, buildings may require other issues to be addressed, such as:
  • Site drainage
  • Repair of leaking sewer
  • Repair of damaged storm water pipes
  • Tree & vegetation issues
  • Reinstatement of driveways, paths & fences, lawns & out buildings
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Underpinning — Building services in Tamsworth NSW
Underpinning foundation of a house — Building services in Tamsworth NSW
Cracked Landing building — Building services in Tamsworth NSW
Cracked bricks underpinning — Building services in Tamsworth NSW
Cracked pipes underpinning — Building services in Tamsworth NSW
Underpinning foundation of a house— Building services in Tamsworth NSW
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Underpinning foundation of a house — Building services in Tamsworth NSW