The Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunals or the CTTT is a low cost informal tribunal for all home building disputes for less than $500,000.


Home building disputes that you can ask  the CTTT to resolve include:


·        Appeals against a home warranty insurer’s decision

·        Disputes between a builder and a subcontractor

·        Disputes between an owner and a builder or contractor


At  Edwards and Froud we can help  you  deal with a Building Dispute & CTTT matter.


Our consultant can provide you with the support and documented evidence needed for your dispute, in order to help you reach a favorable resolution.

 A professional report from a building expert is required on your hearing date at the Tribunal to prove your claim.

.A building expert from Edwards and Froud  can also be present on the day of your hearing, as further information from the building expert may be required to help prove your claim.




I wish to take this opportunity to express my complete satisfaction with the way in which you have managed the enormous task that you were confronted with. Your high level of professionalism has been both a great comfort and inspiration to me given the circumstances under which I engaged your services. The detail you have produced in your reports undoubtedly presents the many and comples issues that exist in my home in the best light possible for future judgment, and your work has been, at all time thorough and judicious.


M Prowse

Watsons Creek NSW